Best Himalayan Pink Salt by ZsaZsa Rivera

Best Himalayan Pink Salt by ZsaZsa Rivera

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The Himalayan pink salt is among the most uncontaminated salts existing, has a wide range of nutritional values and can be used for cooking. This pinkish salt obtained from ancient sea deposits in the Himalayas is hand mined and left untreated to preserve its natural minerals and vitamins. The best Himalayan pink salt comes with extraordinary quality, high mineral content as well as special flavor that makes it popular among chefs, health enthusiasts, wellness professionals.

Himalayan pink salt contains more than 84 trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron which are sources of essential nutrients for your general well-being. These elements explain the red staining of this kind of salt and its significance in your health. Regular consumption of Himalayan pink salt helps to maintain electrolyte balance, hydrate body tissues properly and regulate blood pressure levels together with nutrient absorption rate. Hence this pulls out the heavy metal toxins which are found naturally in our bodies detoxifying it.

For culinary purposes, the best Himalayan Pink Salt flavors your recipes with a subtly intricate taste. For seasoning meats, vegetables or desserts you will find that it is coarse-grained while fine grained is great when baking or cooking.

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