Fajita Seasoning by ZsaZsa Rivera 8oz Made in US

Fajita Seasoning by ZsaZsa Rivera 8oz Made in US

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Our Fajita Seasoning is a delirious blend of prime spices meticulously picked to be of the best quality and the most intense flavor. It begins with a base of smoky paprika, creating a dark, rich background that plants in your senses an unforgettable taste experience. A medley of garlic and onion powders complements this foundation offering a savory undertone that helps to bring out the natural flavors in your ingredients.
We have also included a balanced mixture of cumin and chili powder to add some warmth and complexity. These spices not only give it a mild heat but they also give your meals that unique profile that makes fajitas so aromatic. The fresh taste is spiced up by oregano while cayenne pepper adds an extra kick that ensures every bite is thrilling.
The uniqueness of our Fajita Seasoning is its versatility as well as ease when use. Whether you are grilling juicy strips made from chicken, beef, or shrimp; or sautéing colorful bell peppers together with onions, adding our seasoning will enrich their taste. Just soak the protein you want to grill for sometimes in oil mixed with our seasoning; cook until done and serve alongside warm tortillas for commercial-grade food right at home.

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