Hot Pepper Mixed Adjustable Grinder by ZsaZsa Rivera

Hot Pepper Mixed Adjustable Grinder by ZsaZsa Rivera

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Hot Pepper Mixed

For chefs and those who love hot dishes, we have Hot Pepper Mixed. This is a blend of various spices that will make your dish to have an extra edge.

Variety in Taste

Hot Pepper Mixed consists of a mixture of quality chili peppers from different parts of the world. Each component has its own distinctive taste and heat level including, chipotle which gives out smoky heat; cayenne whose pungency is intense; and jalapeno that is quite spiced up. Thus, with this diversity you can prepare both mild spicy and fiercely hot foods that can be eaten by everyone.

Can Be Used in Different Ways

When you want to put some spice on the meat, add flavor to the sauce or marinating dip Hot Pepper Mixed is a perfect choice. It can be easily sprinkled over foods since it has a fine texture. It’s only pinches needed for your tacos, soups with grilled vegetables among others to make them rise above other levels. Hot Pepper Mixed is small batch made so as not to lose our lives.

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