Kiko Milano Lip Gloss Chestnut by ZsaZsa Rivera

Kiko Milano Lip Gloss Chestnut by ZsaZsa Rivera

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Kiko Milano Lip Gloss in Chestnut - For The Lazy Lips

Max out your lips with Kiko Milano Lip Gloss in Chestnut. An opulent-looking lip gloss that is softly blended brown hue of chestnut color featuring a blend of pigment and sparkle to enrich your look with an additional touch. Whether you are just turning up for the office or heading out at night, this is your go to gloss for that ultimate perfect finish.

The Kiko Milano Lip Gloss in Chestnut is popular for its intense coverage, providing vibrant color payoff. Chestnut: a warm earthy tone that is perfect for an understated statement. It is wearable for all skin colors which makes it a versatile addition to your beauty kit.

High-Shine Lip Gloss: This lip gloss gives your lips the shine they dream of and is highly reflective so it is perfect to capture that picture-perfect finish. Together, they give your pout an elegant note leaving a glossy texture that imparts fullness to the lips with just enough crisp. The shade Chestnut really enhances the natural shape of your mouth, making it plumped and glowy!

Hydrating & Nourishing FormulaThis lip gloss by Kiko Milano has been designed with powerful nourishing ingredients to make sure it stays hydrate lips all day.

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