Gel Eye Cream 0.5oz by ZsaZsa Rivera Natural

Gel Eye Cream 0.5oz by ZsaZsa Rivera Natural

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Gel Eye Cream: The product that gives beauty its glow

An essential in your skin care regimen, our luxurious Gel Eye Cream revitalizes the eyes. It is a light gel specially developed to address puffiness and dark circles.

Moisturizing and Lightening Power

This nourishing eye cream contains ingredients that moisturize and lighten the area under eyes. It absorbs quickly making it feel fresh on your skin without any oil residue. Moreover, it also has natural extracts in it that erase wrinkles thus lessening fine lines for a younger looking face.

Ideal for Everydzay Use

Our Gel Eye is designed to be part of your morning as well as evening rituals every day. This gentle but highly effective formula makes sure that people with all skin types have brighter and refreshed eyes all through the day. Just like you would when applying facial creams, take apply this one by placing little drops of cream on each under-eye area and then patting it with fingertips until absorbed.

You will love these benefits:


Lessens Swelling and Dark Circles: Enjoy the soothing touch as this gel minimizes puffy eyes and dark circles, thus making you appear well-rested.

Featherlight No Oily Residues : The texture of gel dries out fast creating a fresh lingering sensation on your skin and ideal for layering under make-up.

Nutrient-Rich Components: This eye cream is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protect the skin barrier from being damaged over time thereby guaranteeing long-term effects.

Coolness: Apply a small amount of the cream around the eye - it will create a cool feeling, which is great for morning cheer up.

Why our Gel Eye Cream?

Our Gel Eye Cream is uniquely designed to cater for specific requirements of your skin and ensure its healthy condition. As proponents of clean beauty, we neither use chemicals that are harmful to humans nor do we include parabens or artificial fragrances in our formula. Your eyes will become brighter, while your skin will become more elastic after constant use.

Take Your Skincare to New Heights

Our Gel Eye Cream can be an essential part of any anti-aging routine or just a way to refresh your appearance. It is not just an eye cream; it’s another step towards having healthier and more glowing skin! Elevate yourself now!

Use our Gel Eye Cream and let every single day bring back that refreshed youthful look to your eyes.

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