Rose Gold Liquid Shimmer by ZsaZsa Rivera دبي

Rose Gold Liquid Shimmer by ZsaZsa Rivera دبي

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Gold Liquid Shimmer gives a lovely shine that will make you look like you have been kissed by the sun. Put it on your cheekbones, browbones, and collarbones to get that sun-kissed appearance.
Versatile Use: This liquid shimmer is highly changeable. You can use it alone as a highlighter or mix it with your foundation or moisturizer for an all-over glow, just add a few drops to your body lotion.
Long-Lasting Glow: The shimmer lasts long without fading which means that one does not have to retouch their makeup during the day.
Smooth Application: Our product has Vitamin E and jojoba oil making its application very easy while leaving no grease behind but soft and hydrated skin.
Customizable Coverage: You can adjust how much shine you want by adding more drops from subtle radiance to intense metallic gleam. More drops mean more shining!

Get high impact shine with our long-wear liquid shimmer. This formulation has brilliant color and is crease-proof and ultra-comfortable. Be creative and get playful with this versatile shimmer. This innovative formula delivers intense color and shine. Once dry it is smudge-proof and all-day wear. Can be used on its own or in combination with other products. A must-have for anyone who loves glam and bling. To use: Apply a light application of liquid shimmer on eyes, face, or lips and gently tap to blend with your finger or a brush.