Highlighter Powder - Primrose by ZsaZsa Rivera

Highlighter Powder - Primrose by ZsaZsa Rivera

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Highlighter powder is an essential beauty item whenever you wish to make your skin glow. To bring out your best features, it adds some glitter and glitz to make your makeup routine more glamorous. This multi-purpose product suits all complexions as well as types of skin and can accentuate your face’s high planes such as cheekbones, brow bones, nasal bridge and cupid’s bow.

Highlighting powder is associated with one key advantage: the power to develop a natural inner gleam. The finely ground particles bounce light back, thus providing a radiant effect on the skin without getting too glossy or oily. Whatever look you have in mind, from a subtle shimmer to intense sparkle, this highlighting powder comes in various colours and finishes, making customization possible for any occasion, whether formal or casual.

Highlighter powder is easy to apply and blend because it ensures that your makeup is fully integrated into your face. Dab with a fan brush for lighter coverage or denser brushes if more glowing effects are required. Use thicker layers of highlighter powder to adjust the brightness accordingly depending on how dramatic one wants their look to be. For a radiantly youthful appearance, use smear highlighter powder after foundation application and blush on the higher sections of the face.

Our opulent, slowly cooked, silky soft, domed highlight powder with a shiny finish. Carefully buff on to highlight the face's high points, or blend all over to give the skin a pure, luminous polish.

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